lunedì 14 novembre 2022

ART SPEAKS OUT - A Video Art Festival for our climate by ikonoTV

Iconoplast, video frame, by Sara Bonaventura

ART SPEAKS OUT is a video art festival for our climate organized by ikonoTV, the art-only streaming platform.

"We believe that all environmental problems are far too big for each of us, including politicians, to be tackled alone. We need to break them down to create an emotional impact, find quicker and better ways to act for our common positive future, and get inspired for new storytelling. Have you always wanted to make a difference? Take this chance!"

ART SPEAKS OUT is a video streaming experience during COP27 - United Nations Climate Change Conference 2022  The entire conference, from 6 to 18 November 2022, a curated selection of contemporary video works and short films based on environmental, ecology and climate change themes will be screened on multiple screens in Sharm el-Sheikh and streamed on the ikonoTV platform.

Iconoplast by Italian artist Sara Bonaventura is one of the few video selected by IkonoTv for ART SPEAKS OUT among more then 2000 works participating the call:

Imagine alien visitors arriving on Earth in the remote future. 
"Jan Zalasiewicz's the Earth after us, and the seminal Lynn Margulis" Microcosmos inspired this documentary(e.g. the voice over, a re-adaptation of them, where the past tense verbs are turned into future tense, embedding the fantasy of a future already set as past).

Iconoplast video artwork by Sara Bonaventura (8 min)

Video works will be shown on multiple screens from 6th to 18th November 2022 in Sharm el-Sheikh, South Sinai, Egypt leading to COP28 in UAE, 2023 and streamed on ikonoTV platform.